What is a ‘Local Team’ and how do I start one?

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in starting a new Local Team (LT)!  We’re here to prepare you for your journey of becoming a fully-fledged drug law reform activist and a confident, compassionate Local Team Leader (LTL).

What is a local team?

Our Local Teams operate at universities, TAFEs and within the broader (i.e. non-student) community. Local Teams provide opportunities for members to collaborate locally and connect with our wider state, national and international networks.

How do I start a Local Team?

This page provides an overview of the steps involved in starting your Local Team, and an outline of the information you will need to submit to us to help us understand how we can work together in your local context to set up and grow your LT. If your submission is comprehensive and promising, you will be contacted by your State or Territory’s Branch Manager (SBM) who will support you in beginning the process of affiliating with SSDP Australia.

At the bottom of this page is an online EOI form for ‘expressing your interest’ in starting a Local Team. Please read the directions below before attempting to complete the form.

How Do i ChECK if THERE’s Already A local Team in my ARea?

Visit this page to check if there’s already a Local Team in your area. If there is, consider joining them! You can help develop that existing team while gaining leadership experience. Moreover, Local Teams are encouraged to assist each other to develop, and collaborate on activities, so once you help the other team set up, they can return the favour.

What InFORMATION do i need to SUBmIT?

You must research your answers before you attempt to complete the EOI form. The following list contains all the questions the form can possibly ask you, (but some might not be relevant to your situation).

  • Primary contacts details (i.e. yours)

    • Name

    • Phone Number

    • Email

  • Secondary contact details (i.e. another person who is going to help you set up.)

    • Note: It is strongly recommended that you do not try and set up a Local Team on your own. 

    • Contact hello@ssdp.org.au if you are an individual seeking other people to help you set up a local team. We might already have people we can refer to you, or we can start keeping an eye out.   

  • Reasons for wanting to start a team, and any key drug policy areas your team is interested in.

  • Where are you setting up your team?

    • At your university

    • At your TAFE

    • In your local community 

    • Other

  • If you are setting up at a University or TAFE:

    • Your institution or campus’ name

    • Your expected date of graduation/completion of your studies

    • The population of your institution, campus and suburb

    • The semester (or trimester) start and end dates, and any O-Week dates for the next year ahead. 

    • What faculties/schools/departments on your campus may be interested in topics related to drugs and drug policy?

    • Do you have a student union, guild, association or equivalent on your campus or at your educational institution? 

      • If yes:

        • What is its name? 

        • What is the affiliation process and requirements of becoming and remaining a club/society?

          • Many universities have guides available for this process

          • You should also contact your student union’s Clubs and Societies officer (or equivalent) for guidance. 

        • Identify the benefits afforded once your team is affiliated on campus and how you access them.

          • E.g. Insurance; funding for events, printing and other resources; holding recruitment stalls at O-Week and during the semester; venue booking; free promotion.

          • Can the public attend your events on campus? 

          • Does your student union and institution let you run stalls on campus without being a Club?

        • Identify reporting requirements of student union affiliation

          • This includes required attendance lists for meetings and events; reporting/registering events with the student union; any forms required for reimbursements. 

        • Investigate possible barriers to student union affiliation

          • Are there any barriers to being simultaneously affiliated with your Student Union and SSDP Australia. 

          • If affiliation seems difficult to quickly achieve, provide potential solutions to the challenges posed. 

        • Are there any Clubs on your campus that could be potential allies?

      • If no:

        • Where will you hold events?

        • Can the public attend your events on campus?

        • Does your institution let you run stalls on campus?

        • How will you resource your activities?

        • How/where will you promote your events?

        • How will you recruit members? 

        • How do you intend to structure/operate your team?

  • If you selected 'Other', please explain your context here and attempt to answer the following questions. If you experience any difficulties due to the uniqueness of your situation, please contact hello@ssdp.org.au

  • If you’re setting up in your local community:

    • Your suburb name and local council name

    • How many years you intend to be a LTL, and any long trips (longer than 1 month) that would impact your ability to be a LTL while away.

    • List any institutions who might be able to support you (e.g. councils, libraries, local community grants). 

    • Potential venues or locations where you can host meetings and events

    • Channels through which to advertise your events and recruit new members (i.e. facebook page for your suburb, community bulletin or magazine).

    • List any places you can print for cheap/free (Hint: Check with your local State MPs office, they will often let you print bulk A4 in colour and let you use their guillotine).

What happens once I submit my form?

Once you submit the expression of interest form on behalf of your Local Team, a State Branch Manager (SBM) will review it and contact you within 2 weeks (if you do not receive a reply, please contact hello@ssdp.org.au).

If your form needs more work, the SBM will also let you know. Otherwise, they will arrange a time to have a 1-on-1 meeting/interview with you (in-person or via phone/video call). Your other team members are welcome to attend this meeting.

What is involved in the Ongoing DevelopMENT of A Local Team?

If your initial meeting with the State Branch Manager goes well, you’ll be asked to sign a Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions and provided with introductory guides which you can follow to lay the foundations for your Local Team. 

During this probationary stage, the SBM will support you throughout the process of affiliating with SSDP Australia.

To complete the affiliation process, you will need to prove your team’s competence & commitment, and have your team’s long-term strategy approved by the State/Territory Branch.

Once affiliated, you will receive a range of benefits that will help your team flourish.

The process of getting your team up and running may seem daunting at times, but do not be discouraged! Our team has State Branch Managers here to assist and support you along the way. 

So what are you waiting for? Come join us in working towards a future with sensible drug policies!

EOI form for ‘expressing your interest’ in starting a Local Team and applying to begin the process of affiliating with SSDP Australia:

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