Our Projects



Young people lose their lives on a night out, due to dodgy drugs, and that’s not OK. What’s worse, we don’t have a seat at the table when nightlife policies are made. Instead, we’re criminalised and stigmatised. Silenced.

#BeHeardNotHarmed is Australia’s first youth-led campaign for pill testing and nightlife harm reduction reform.


Connected Campuses

We're creating community organisers out of students at Universities and TAFEs.

We're linking them to student unions, academics, experts and ally organisations

We're coordinating teams for policy change at all levels of government.


Peer-Led Harm Prevention

We're conducting outreach with young people in diverse settings.

We're co-designing a peer support program.

We're connecting over 200 peers to experts and evidence.


Smarter About Drugs Education Pilot

We’re designing school drug education materials.

We’re providing youth oversight and direction to a consortium of organisations.

We’re training 6 school teachers to pilot drug policy education.