Join your local
Campus Team

This webpage explains what a Campus Team is and lists all of our established Campus Teams across Australia. Each Campus Team also has their own individual page where you can find out how to get more involved.

If there isn’t a team on your Campus already, please visit to find out how to start one.

What is a Campus Team?

Our Campus Teams operate at universities and TAFEs and in their local communities. Each Campus Team conducts a range of activities, including:

  • Collecting petition signatures for various drug policy reform campaigns, handing out flyers, and postering on Campus.

  • Holding regular social and educational events on a range of topics.

  • Running campaigns for local policy changes (e.g. getting the local Student Union to introduce our ‘Safer Partying Initiative’ and run peer-led harm reduction workshops on campus).

  • Surveying fellow students.

  • Each Campus Team has at least one Team Leader who works closely with their local SSDP Branch to grow their team and collaborate with other Campus Teams on larger campaigns.

Why should you join a Campus Team?

There are many ways to be involved in a Campus Team. You can simply subscribe to their updates and attend their events. Or you can volunteer with them and help to build the team’s presence on campus.

  1. You’ll meet amazing people. Together, we have a bunch of fun overcoming stigma and campaigning for better drug policies.

  2. You’ll get opportunities to connect with our Expert Network and build your professional skills.

  3. You’ll get to talk to people on your campus and in your local community about why a new approach to drugs is desperately needed.

  4. You’ll learn about activism, harm reduction, drug policies and what it takes to be a leader.

List of Campus Teams:

Click on a team’s name to visit their webpage where you can find their sign-up form, links to their social media pages and Team Leader contact details.

Victoria (Vic):

New South Wales (NSW):

Western Australia (WA):

South Australia (SA):

  • University of South Australia

*Team is in the process of setting up, contact to find out how you can help.