Join our Expert Network

What is the Expert Network?

Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia (SSDP) would not exist without the support of a diverse range of academic and non-academic experts. These experts have provided our organisation with strategic advice, and have mentored our young volunteers into confident leaders.

SSDP believes that to really make change in this world, we need a united Expert Network that spans from local campuses to the halls of the United Nations.

We welcome supporters with all kinds of expertise and backgrounds.

Any acts, big or small, one-off or regular, are valuable. We encourage anyone to join, regardless of how much you think you can commit.

How can you be involved in the Expert Network?

The form (on the right) lets you pick one or more of the areas you think you might like to help SSDP with.

We’ll review your answers and contact you if/when necessary.

Explanation of areas we're looking for support with:

  • “I’d like to subscribe to updates about SSDP and our Expert Network”.

    • If you tick this, we’ll send you relevant updates, including invites to attend local events. Please ask your networks to subscribe too!

  • “I’m interested in speaking on a panel in-person, or on an online webinar/podcast”.

    • If you tick this, please let us know in the comment box if there’s a specific topic you’d like to cover— otherwise, we will just note your area of expertise and contact you if we have an idea for a topic you can help with.

  • “I’m interested in supporting an SSDP Campus Team near me”.

    • If you live or work near one of our Campus Teams (and especially if you are employed on Campus!), you can be a great ally for them. You can provide regular or one-off mentorship to the team leaders, or just publicly promote the team to your networks. If you tick this, we’ll see if there’s a team near you, or let you know if we can use your help starting a new local team.

  • “I’m interested in supporting an SSDP Online Team”.

    • We have a range of Online Teams that support the rest of the organisation.

    • Our Communications & Design team help with branding, social media content, graphics, and web design.

    • Our Research & Policy team helps with developing our political strategy, literature reviews, policy proposals & position statements, conducting peer-led research, applying for grants and managing our Expert Network.

    • If you tick this box, please make sure you’ve commented which areas you might be able to help with.

  • “I’m interested in applying to join SSDP’s Advisory Council”.

    • Our Advisory Council is a semi-informal group of experts who meet quarterly to advise on the direction of the organisation. If you tick this, we’ll send you more information.

  • “I’m interested in applying to join SSDP’s Board of Directors”.

    • Our Board of Directors is the official governing body of our Company. If you tick this, we’ll send you more information.

  • “I’d like to become an ambassador for SSDP or one of our campaigns”.

    • Unfortunately, young people’s perspectives are often not taken seriously until an expert publicly endorses them. If you tick this, we’ll note your area of expertise and contact you if we have an idea for a topic you can help with.

  • “I’d like to become a regular donor”.

    • The link to donate right now is here, but please tick this box if you’d like to discuss things further before starting to donate.

  • “Other” (please let us know more below)

    • This list is not exhaustive: if you think there’s something else you want to help with, simply tick ‘other’ and let us know more in the comment box.

Please fill out the form, and if you have any further questions, please contact